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A 360° Media Experience

Behind the project

Imagined by the creative designer Sarah Lavoine, Paris’ latest 5 star Hotel carefully handpicked every detail to make it feel like a familiar atmosphere. From the subtle zebra carpets to the in-room Marshall speakers, the idea behind this was to reproduce a higher end of everyone’s ideal perfect home… and ultimately feel just like at home.

The desire to convey the ultimate at home experience was pushed beyond the interior design aspect, as in order to exist and to be acknowledge today, digital has to be involved somehow.
Le Roch Hotel & Spa understood that and decided to set up a complete and all round unique in & off room digital experience by Blackbell.

The guest experience

Before the stay

  • Before arriving at the hotel, guest are automatically sent a pre-stay email informing them that Le Roch Hotel & Spa concierge’s app by Blackbell is available to help them prepare their stay (imagine a Facebook notification).
    This e-mail is sent by the Protel PMS mailing tool : Protel Messenger

In room

  • When arriving in room, guests are welcomed with a tablet powered by Hotelcloud displaying the Le Roch Hotel & Spa concierge app.
    To emphasize the « just like at home » experience, guests are automatically logged in with their own name to the concierge app, powered by the Protel PMS and Hotelcloud integration.
    This enables them to seamlessly and freely chat with the concierge (imagine WhatsApp) and order internal services (imagine Deliveroo).
    Just like at home, guest are invited to use the tablet to interact with the environnement.

  • Along with that, guests have to possibility to display the tablet’s entire content to the in-room TV’s screen. The pre installed Chromecast to the TV along with the Chromecast integration to the Hotelcloud app, emphasizes this « just like at home feeling. »
    The experience goes even further, as should guests want to display the content of their own personal devices using Chromecast, they are instructed and advised on how to proceed.
    With both experiences, guests have full control of the content they want to watch on their in-room TV… just like at home.

  • To round it up, should guest however feel uninspired on the content they desire to watch on their in-room TV, they also have to possibility to chose from a selection of movies by Le Roch Hotel & Spa on the concierge app. By integrating the Samsung Smart View app to the concierge app, Le Roch succeeded into creating a video library updated with the most recent movies for guest to enjoy… just like at home.

The latest 5 star Hotel in Paris has succeeded into making guest feel just like at home, using both design and technology. This combination was perfectly dosed to subtly deceive anyone trying to think they have just stepped into a hotel. Welcome home.

The technology behind the scene

A combination of technology expertises, making the experience as seamless as possible.

  • Pre-stay emails : They are automatically sent to all guests who have a valid reservation, via Protel Messenger (Protel PMS’ mailing tool). Each mail sent is personified with the guest’s details (name, CI/CO dates, type of room etc…) so as to create a sense of uniqueness.

  • PMS integration : The Hotelcloud concierge app is connected to the Le Roch Hotel & Spa Protel PMS.
    This integration enable auto-logins of in-room tablets as soon as guests check in. This feature allows guests using the in-room tablets to seamlessly order services, that will be automatically added to their final check-out bill.

  • Hotelcloud concierge app : The app was created and designed by both Hotelcloud’s creative teams and Le Roch Hotel & Spa marketing & concierge teams. Powered by Hotelcloud technology, the app is available on Apple Store, Google Play, and web.

  • In-room tablets : All in room tablets are Samsung tablets locked on the Le Roch Hotel & Spa enterprise concierge app (unique and available only on the in-room tablets). A mobile device management software is used to manage and lock the tablets.

  • Chromecast experience : A Chromecast is plugged and installed on all Le Roch Hotel & Spa in-room TVs.
    The Chromecast feature is coded and integrated to the Hotelcloud entreprise concierge app, allowing guests to easily connect the tablets to the in-room TV, using the Chromecast experience.

  • Samsung Smart View experience : Each room is equipped with a Samsung Smart TV.
    By integrating the Samsung Smart View feature to the Hotelcloud app, guests have the possibility to access to the TV remote directly from the tablet, as well as to enjoy the media content uploaded on the Samsung Smart view platform. All media content is upload by the Le Roch team, using the MDM software which enables them to manage the app remotely.

Le Roch Testimony

Benjamin Camus-Durand, concierge at Le Roch, talks about the solution (Fr.)