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From concierge app to automated marketing

A complete range of features

From information to interactivity

Hotelcloud helps lodging and travel organizations build the digital platform they need to interact and engage with their residents.

With Hotelcloud, platforms are: 
✓ easy to create by business owners
✓ easy to use by end-users 
and completely rethink the traditional way those organizations serve their customers.

Think of us as an app a mobile app, a web app, a digital platform, a digital hub.
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A beautiful experience for your guests

Your guests expect the same quality they get when using Uber, Airbnb and other companies who invest a lot in user experience. 

Who is Hotelcloud for?

Hotelcloud can help ANY type of travel or lodging organization

Hotelcloud equips today: 

- B&Bs
- Hotels (from 3* to Palaces)
- Luxury Villas
- Rentals apartments 
- Student residences 
- Condos 
- DMCs

You want to better inform, interact and sell? Our solution is made for you! 

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How to start

From 100% online to fully supported by Hotelcloud

Build a digital platform that lets you interact and engage with your residents. 

✓ From $5 to $119 a month - No commitment - Yearly plan at a +25% discount
✓ 14-day free trial
✓ Pick our "do-it-yourself" option or get help & assistance for larger projects
✓ From a simple platform to a full project - We can handle it all 🚀
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In-house solutions

Hotelcloud can manage some type of in-house projects thanks to a powerful network of partners: 

✓ Tablets / Smartphones in house 
✓ Multimedia-related projects : IPTV, Chromecast
✓ Room Controls : Light, temperature, stores
✓ Music 
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