A complete range of features

Core features

Web - Native - Multilingual

All of our platforms include the following : 

✓ Available on the Web, from a simple URL (like facebook.com)
Responsive, adapting to any screen size and OS

✓ Available as Native apps 
Both for iOS and Android 

✓ Custom domain name 
Ability to connect to an existing domain name or to buy a new domain name, directly from the back office - Auto setup

✓ SEO 
Ability to reference your platform in search engines and to connect to Google metrics

✓ Multilingual 
Ability to edit your platform in multiple languages
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User App Features

Information - Ordering - Live Chat

✓ Information Blocks 
In the form of text blocks, images, video, PDF, maps...

✓ Interactive modules 
Ability to place live orders 

✓ Marketplace of activities & services 
Ability to access Hotelcloud e-concierge marketplace. 

✓ Live chat 
Ability to discuss in real time with members of your teams or departments 

✓ Online Payment 
Ability to pay online for products & services

✓ User Account 
From their user account, users can edit their profile (personal information, addresses, payment info, language...), access their orders history, their conversation history, edit their preferences (order status notifications...).
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Back-office Features

CMS - Order manager - Mailing Tool

✓ Content Management System (CMS)
Proprietary CMS that lets you easily create any type of content, set visibility rules depending on the user, schedule publication...

✓ Team Management 
Ability to create team members access, departments (group of members), set order alerts, define escalation alert rules.

✓ Orders Management 
Ability to receive and handle orders (through labels & dispatch), process payment and refunds, discuss about orders.

✓ Live messaging
Ability to receive and answer messages

✓ Online payment easy setup
Ability to securely accept payments online through Stripe connect

✓ Integrated mailing tool 
Ability to build HTML templates and send campaigns to users through a proprietary mailing tool
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API & Integrations

A fully connected platform

✓ Hotelcloud API – REST & Webhooks 
Hotelcloud API – REST & Webhooks is free and available to Hotelcloud customers. Whether your prospects and customers have developers in house or a custom project to work on, they can use our API to connect their softwares together and design operating flows that match their business cases.

Some practical uses :
  • Record all transactions directly from Hotelcloud to their CRM systems to consolidate their users behaviors
  • Connect Hotelcloud orders to their agenda for optimized management
  • For hotels, connect their reservation system to Hotelcloud for automatic guests creation
    and so on…

✓ Integrations 
Hotelcloud connect to a wide range of softwares and hardware technologies.
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